Monday, August 23, 2010

喜欢被关心,被疼,被呵护的感觉 ~❤






我珍惜 ~❤

Thursday, August 19, 2010

珍惜与感恩 ❤

有时候,有些事情突然发生,让人无法接受 ;(

才发觉~ 在这之前怎么都没想过多关心,多了解, 多沟通~





懂得珍惜与感恩才是幸福的 ❤

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

明天去上课咯 ~


明天才去上课 =)

又要开始忙了~ 大学生活压力大~

上帝保佑我哦 ;)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

its had been long time x update my blog~!!!

its had been long time x update my blog~!!!

recently was bz working =/
nth special...
as simple as usual life =)

result is coming out soonie~
bless me pls ^^

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Intro u a good hair treatment =)

Tis hair treatment is good~ nice =)
Nexen brand~
The price is reasonable ^^
If gt interest cn ask me too ^^ (p/s. KK area)

Jz sharing wif u guys the good thing ^^

Saturday, April 10, 2010

the "non-stop" of SAT =D

10th Apr 2010 (SAT)

da bz-iest SAT =P

2day morning da important event~
Kompang performance for Carnival Cocum~

is sorry to say 4 our teammate n lec(s) due to i oweys skip da practice at nite~

but~ Finally~
our performance was amazing~! nice~!! get many Clap Clap Clap o ^^
every1 is happy~!! ^^

da evening was Kompang Practical Test~
keep hafal da lyric~
i hope cn get gud gred ^^ hehe~

nite~ at laz cn rez ^^
going watch "being human" ('做人') wif hubby~
fate~! my bro n his frenz watch da same movie^^ hehe~
fate~! saw leilei wif her family at cinema~ they watch "future x-cops"~ haha.. long time no c dat sopo lei n oso ah boy ^^
saw sume x-lokyukian~~ mayb is sat so every1 free to watch movie =)

"being human" ('做人') tis movie is nice~! funny~! =)
i like it~

i saw da advertisement of da nex s'pore movie "Happy Go Lucky" ('福星到') is very funny~!! i want to watch~!! bt duno when on show~~ waiting 4 it ^^

Friday, April 9, 2010

On 3 Movies in a Day~! =) phew~*

7th Apr 2010 (WED)

2day free~!!!
no class =D

on 3 movies 2day ^^

afternoon watch "Clash of The Titans" n "How to Train Your Dragon" wif my biaodi (the boy bck 4 holidays =P)~

People says "Clash of The Titans" nice nice nice~ 4 me.. is jz okie~ i fall asleep at d middle.. wahahaha.. bt d laz part "jin zhang" larr.. okie larr~ hehe~

"How to Train Your Dragon" is cartoon~ KK no 3D one.. bt is more nice if compare wif "Clash of The Titans"~! i love d dragon named "toothless"~ so cute ^^

at nite going watch "Future x-Cops" ("未来警察") wif my hubby, beng n sing yee =) tis movie how to say lerr.. erm.. damn "fake"~ erm.. 4 me x so nice larr~ haha.. bt so ngam dat ah xian, yvonne, kenny watch same movie wif us plus is same row n nex to our seats~! fate~! lolz~!!

i wan watch "Being Human" ("做人")~!!!! =D waiting hubby bring me go ^^ n "Echoes of The Rainbow" ("岁月神偷") ~!!